Key Figures from the Annual Financial Statements

Pension assets 1
in CHF millions2'2512'451
Active insureds' retirement capital
       of which BVG retirement assets
in CHF millions992
Total insured salaries
in CHF millions372368
Number of active insureds 4'4774'400
Pensioners' retirement capitalin CHF millions811857
Number of pensioners 2'4452'504
Actuarial provisionsin CHF millions97118
Cover ratio
Financial cover ratio approx. 116.52%111.58%
Intrest rate financial cover ratio +1.52%-0.10%
Fluctuation reserves (target amount)in CHF millions456469.1
Fluctuation reserves (actual amount)in CHF millions311459.0
Actuarial interest rate 1.5%1.5%
Actuarial basis (BVG 2010 generation table) 2   
Interest on retirement assets of active insureds
Performance  -7.06%10.81%
Required minimum return 1.3%1.36% 
Asset management costs, incl. TER costs 0.97%0.73%
% transparency score 99.7%98.3%
Total assets less current liabilities
until 2015 periodic tables

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