The fixed assets of the Schindler Pension Fund are managed as follows.


Since 1998, bonds and equities have been managed by four asset managers under what are known as mixed mandates. The Board of Trustees determines the investment strategy, bandwidths for asset allocation, and the benchmarks.


Direct Real Estate

Around two-thirds of real estate investments are owned directly by the Schindler Pension Fund. Management of these properties is delegated to an external company.


Indirect Real Estate

Indirect real estate investments (investment funds, investment foundations, investment companies) are managed within the Satellites portfolio. The Investment Committee decides on the purchase and sale of assets in this Satellites portfolio.


Alternative Investments

The Board of Trustees has defined the following classes of alternative investment:

  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure 
  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance linked securities
  • Alternative bonds
  • Alternative international real estate
  • Commodities

The Investment Committee manages alternative investments within the Satellites portfolio. The use of alternative investments is intended to improve the overall risk/return profile of the Pension Fund's invested assets.

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