In the event of the death of an active insured member or pensioner, we ask their family (or, if there is no immediate family, someone who was close to the insured person) to contact us as quickly as possible so that we can clarify any obligation on the part of the Schindler Pension Fund to pay benefits (tel. +41 41 445 30 12).

Death Of Active Insureds And Pensioners

The surviving spouse of an active insured or pensioner is entitled to a surviving spouse's pension, provided that, upon the death of the insured or pensioner, they

  • are responsible for the maintenance of children or has raised joint children; or
  • have passed the age of 45 years and the marriage lasted at least five years; or
  • are at least 50% disabled as per the IV state invalidity insurance scheme, and the marriage had lasted at least five years.

If the surviving spouse does not fulfil any of these conditions, they will receive a one-off settlement from the Pension Fund.

Divorced Spouse's Entitlement To Death Benefits

If a divorced insured dies, the surviving divorced spouse is entitled to a pension from their former spouse's assets, if they

  • are entitled to a pension or to a lump-sum settlement for a lifetime annuity under the terms of the divorce settlement, and
  • had been married to the deceased for at least ten years.

Orphan's Pension

If an insured dies before or after their retirement, each of their children aged under 18 will receive an orphan's pension. This pension is paid until the 18th birthday. Children who are still in education can continue to claim a pension up to their 25th birthday.  The term "children" refers to both biological and adopted children, as well as foster children who are entitled to receive pension benefits under AHV/IV regulations.

Lump-Sum Death Benefit

A lump-sum death benefit will be paid out should an active insured die before they retire, and there are no claimants who are entitled to a surviving spouse's pension.

Entitled Beneficiaries

The conditions of entitlement to the lump-sum death benefit are governed by Art. 13.10 of the Pension Fund Rules.