Primary tasks

The individual bodies involved in the Schindler Pension Fund have the following primary tasks with regard to the investment of assets:

Board of Trustees

As its most senior body, the Board of Trustees bears overall responsibility for the Schindler Pension Fund. Certain tasks may be delegated, but responsibility for them remains with the Board. It determines the Pension Fund's investment strategy, as well as the bandwidths for individual asset classes, on the basis of the Fund's risk profile and the available reserves to compensate for fluctuation in market prices.


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee functions as an extension of the Board of Trustees. Its principal role is to monitor the activities of the asset managers, and to prepare the business that the Board of Trustees must handle. The Investment Committee also appoints the asset managers, and decides on funds, individual investments and transactions within the Satellites portfolio.


Financial Controlling

The financial controller checks on a daily basis that the asset managers are abiding by the set asset allocation bandwidths and the qualitative requirements for the individual investments. He produces a monthly report.



The Pension Fund's Management is responsible for liquidity planning, and produces a monthly report featuring performance, benchmark comparisons, the cover ratio and major transactions for the Board of Trustees.


Asset Managers

The remit of the asset managers is to manage the funds entrusted to them, within certain set guidelines, in such a way that they generate a better result than the predetermined benchmark within a three-year period.


Global Custodian

The global custodian is responsible for holding securities in safekeeping, for calculating performance, and for monthly reporting. 



The auditors review on an annual basis whether or not the Pension Fund has complied with the law and the guidelines laid down in its Rules at all levels of the organisation. They produce a report for the Board of Trustees.


Supervisory Authority

The supervisory authority conducts spot checks on the annual financial statements of pension institutions, and intervenes if it finds violations of the law or the guidelines laid down in the Rules.

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