Benefits Statement

Below you will find important information about our pension certificate.

The benefits statement is sent to the insured's home address when they join the pension fund, and any time that there is a change in benefits.

A new benefits statement will be issued if there are any changes in the meantime in salary, working hours, the savings plan, or advance withdrawals and additional voluntary contributions. This new statement replaces all previous statements. To help you determine your personal pension provision needs, we will be happy to send you a benefits statement as at a date of your choosing. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

The benefits statement shows personal details, pension fund benefits, and employee and employer contributions. Explanations of the individual items contained in the benefits statement can be downloaded in pdf format above.

The benefits statement shows personal data, but marital status (single/married/divorced) is not taken into account in the calculation of benefits. For example, a surviving spouse's and child's pension will still be shown for someone who is single and has no children.

Please check your personal data when you receive your statement, paying particular attention to your address, date of birth, marital status, company, working hours (expressed as a percentage of the standard working week) and your reported annual salary.

Please contact us immediately if any corrections are needed.

The benefits statement represents a non-binding summary of existing and expected benefit entitlement at the time it is issued. It cannot be used as the basis for any legal claims. Benefit entitlement and benefits themselves are governed by the Pension Fund Rules, as amended from time to time.

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