Additional Voluntary Contributions to the Schindler Pension Fund


To improve the benefits that insureds will receive when they retire, they may buy in voluntarily to full benefits under the rules at any time. The amount of these additional voluntary contributions is shown on the benefits statement. Please contact our Pension Fund management if anything is unclear.

Additional voluntary contributions may generally be deducted from taxable income at Confederation, cantonal and municipal levels. However, the Schindler Foundation cannot guarantee the deductibility of the contributions you make.

We suggest contacting the tax authorities responsible for you if you are unsure about the tax aspects of these contributions.

Lock-Up Period

Where additional voluntary contributions have been made, the resulting benefits may not be withdrawn as a lump sum for the following three years. This also applies to the withdrawal of retirement capital as a lump sum in the event of early or regular retirement. Payments made to repurchase benefits following divorce are exempted from this restriction.


  • Where advance withdrawals have been made under the scheme to promote home ownership, no additional voluntary contributions may be made until the advance withdrawals have been repaid.
  • Those receiving full disability pensions are not permitted to make any additional voluntary contributions.
  • Individuals coming to Switzerland from abroad, who have never belonged to a pension institution here, may make additional voluntary contributions to the Pension Fund up to a maximum of 20% of the insured salary in the first five years after joining.

What You Need To Do

Please complete the form and transfer the desired amount using a payment slip. Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum permitted additional contribution. The form and the payment slip can be downloaded from the navigation column to the right. You will receive confirmation from the Pension Fund as soon as we have received the form and the amount in question.


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