Affiliated Companies

The following companies are affiliated to the Schindler Pension Fund:

  • Schindler Aufzüge AG, Ebikon
  • Schindler Managment AG, Ebikon
  • Building Minds Technology AG
  • Schindler IT Services AG, Ebikon
  • Schindler Digital Group AG, Ebikon
  • Inventio AG, Hergiswil
  • Schindler Supply Chain Europe AG, Hergiswil
  • AS Aufzüge AG, KüssnachtSchindler Repro AG, Ebikon
  • Schindler Berufsbildung, Ebikon
  • Schindler Pensionskasse, Ebikon
  • Schindler Vorsorge AG, Ebikon
  • Schindler Holding AG, Hergiswil
  • External insureds

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