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The Schindler Pension Fund was founded in 1958.

The Pension Fund's object is occupational pension provision within the framework of Swiss occupational pension legislation (BVG) and its implementing provisions for the employees of its affiliated companies, as well as their dependants and survivors. It insures them against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death. It may offer benefits above and beyond the minimum prescribed by the BVG legislation.

The Board of Trustees issues Rules covering benefits, as well as the structure, management, funding and supervision of the Pension Fund. These rules set out the Pension Fund's relationship to the employers, to the insureds, and to other entitled claimants. The Rules and their amendments must be submitted to the supervisory authority for review.

As at January 1, 2015, the Pension Fund had around 4,500 active insureds, and 2,500 pensioners. It holds around CHF 1.7 billion in assets.

The Swiss companies of the Schindler Group are affiliated to the Pension Fund.


  • 1985 The BVG (Federal Act on Occupational Old Age, Survivors' and Invalidity Pension Provision) comes into force
  • 2000 Change of funding basis from defined benefit to defined contribution 
  • 2004/2007 1st revision of the BVG 
  • 2011 Structural reform of the BVG

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