Information from the Schindler Pension Fund

Schindler Pension Fund Stable Despite Demanding Investment Climate

Dear Colleagues, dear Schindler Pension Fund Beneficiaries
Below is a review of performance over the past year, the interest to be paid on retirement assets, and important news from the Schindler Pension Fund. In brief:
  • Performance of -7.1% is significantly better than the UBS pension fund barometer figure of -9.6%
  • Interest of 1.0% is to be paid on retirement assets in 2022
  • While the cover ratio has fallen from 123.5% to approx. 116%, the Pension Fund still enjoys a very good level of financial security
  • The first Pension Fund ESG report was published, showing clear progress
  • The life partner's pension was introduced, and the marriage penalty for pension recipients scrapped
  • There will be a change to Pension Fund management in 2023